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Meet the Family

Get to know the Wilkersons! The 3rd and 4th generations are working together (along with our 5th generation helpers) to make our ancestors proud.

We take baking very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. When you get the opportunity to work with your family, we think it’s important to let yourselves have a little fun!

Dewey Guy Wilkerson III


The Engine: Chief Visionary of Time Travel OperationsDewey Guy Wilkerson III


It’s a truly lucky man who knows what he wants to do in this world because that man will never work a day in his life, but there are a precious few who find something they have to do.” Our dad’s devotion to his family, ancestors, and to Moravian baking is the most powerful force we have seen. So much so that it has inspired all four of his children to continue our family legacy by his side.

Dad is an engineer-turned baker like his Grandfather. He continues the tradition of being a hands-on owner and always putting quality first. He’s not only a master in the kitchen, but a master of anything he sets his mind to. He even used to waterski in full clothing to show us that he never falls, and he never did! (We still don’t know how he didn’t get wet though...)

Other fun Dad facts: He’s a romantic! You’ll never hear him refer to our mom as anything other than “my beautiful wife”. His favorite accomplishments are us, of course! In all seriousness, we are blessed to have such a supportive father who gave us the most precious gift, a deep appreciation for family. Family comes in different forms for everyone. To us, it’s Wilkerson Moravian Bakery. This bakery is our dad, it’s love, sacrifice, laughs, tears, and dropping anything and everything just to be there for one another and this business. Our family extends beyond our blood. It’s our friends, our community, and our customers.

As our dad says, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Favorite product: Moravian Spice Cookies. An original. Just like our dad.

Dewey Guy Wilkerson IV


Chief Cookie OfficerDewey Guy Wilkerson IV


Kidd has accepted the Wilkerson baker torch and therefore has to get up much earlier than the rest of his siblings (thanks, Kidd!). He is definitely the man for the job. With a baking degree from Johnson and Wales and a natural knack for making and baking scrumptious Moravian Sugar Cake, Cookies and more (hmm… I wonder where he gets that from??), he now leads bakery operations. He worked extremely hard to literally build our factory with our dad, and is so excited to now be launching our business on a national level!

Kidd is down-to-earth, wholehearted, and an incredible big brother that always keeps us laughing! Other fun Kidd facts: Bakers attract bakers. Kidd and his loving wife Katelyn both share that passion and took it even further when they brought their sweetest treat, Whit, into this world in January, 2021. He is loving being a new dad! Kidd once placed third in the world at a Jui Jitsu competition, and he is also known for being the encyclopedia of useless information. If you have a question about anything random, you might want to call us and ask for Kidd!

Favorite product: It's a tie! Moravian Spice Cookies and Moravian Sugared Ginger Cookies.

Chelsi Ross Wilkerson


President: Lady on a Mission of TraditionChelsi Ross Wilkerson


Meet Chelsi! As president of Wilkerson Moravian Bakery, she works hard to make sure the family doesn’t eat up all of the sugar cake and cookies before they can sell them! (Tough job, but somebody has to do it!) She also spearheads all operations with pride and passion and enjoys working closely with her father and brother Kidd on all things creative.

Chelsi’s professional background is quite diverse. Her favorite though, of course, is dressing up like an elf and helping her family sell Moravian cookies when she was a teenager!

Chelsi was a 4-year collegiate rower, one of the first female jetpack instructors and Miss Mermaid USA titleholders, and loves freediving, jumping out of planes and snowboarding. Some call her Indiana Jones for her adventurous and daredevil nature. As a young adult she searched around the world for her purpose in this world, and she found that it was right here at home all along. To Chelsi, no thrill is better than honoring her family’s heritage (and scouring the world for the finest ingredients of course)!

Chelsi loves to talk to customers (her extended family), so please don’t hesitate to contact her!

Favorite Wilkerson product: Moravian Spice Cookies!! “They take me home no matter where I am when I eat them.” Moravian Butter Rum (aka Blackbeards Cookie) is a very close second!!

Brandon Kane Wilkerson


Our Secret/Tall WeaponBrandon Kane Wilkerson


We all wish we could be as cool (and tall) as Kane. He is Chelsi’s go-to when she needs a partner in crime for an interview, style advice, or needs to send someone on an important cookie mission.

Kane is a triple threat. When he isn’t at the bakery, he is working in commercial real estate in our hometown of Winston Salem. This comes in handy when we are looking for holiday bake shop locations (our secret weapon strikes again). When he isn’t there either, you will find him on the golf course. If you need to talk cookies, Kane will be happy to discuss over 9 or 18 holes. Other fun Kane facts: He’s a natural trendsetter, basketball player, moonwalker and handy man who enjoys woodworking and landscaping in his spare time.

Kane is always there for you when you need him. A professional, true family man, and a loyal friend that anyone would be lucky to have. Kane cherishes his childhood and can’t wait to see us spread the taste of Moravian tradition to families across the nation!

Favorite product: Moravian Sugar Cookies! A classic that stays in style all year long.

Drake Wilkerson Beauchamp


The Happiness HeroDrake Wilkerson Beauchamp


Most call her Drake, but her favorite name is Mommy. Drake’s proudest accomplishments are bringing her two sweet boys, Roby and Cooper, into this world with her loving husband, Alec.

Drake is passionate about our hometown. She helps manage our local Winston-Salem, NC retail operation when she isn’t too busy managing our youngest helpers, Roby and Cooper (our little bakers in training and official taste testers).

Drake is a lover of all sports, and her dream is to have a successful business with her family. She says, “Nothing is cooler than getting to see your dad and siblings every day, while striving for perfection in a business we’re all so passionate about. Giving my babies the childhood I grew up with is such a dream. The memories I have are cherished to my core.”

Drake is a people lover who will laugh at anything! She can often be found responding to comments on our Facebook page, so come say hi and tell Drake all of your bad jokes!

Favorite product: Moravian Sugar Cake for breakfast!! It adds joy to any day, and it’s definitely not Christmas without it.

Jan Smith Wilkerson


The HR DepartmentJan Smith Wilkerson


In 1982, a true Hallmark story began. Our parents were introduced while my dad was decorating a cake, and it was love at first sight! Their romance has grown sweeter and sweeter ever since.

Having grown up on a farm, our mom is no stranger to a hard days work. Raised a southern girl, she has a heart of gold. Truly the most selfless woman we know. She has dedicated her life to making sure her husband, kids, and grandbabies feel loved. As they say, Mom’s are always right! Her support and guidance are invaluable and we feel so lucky to have her. Our heart. Our confidante. Our beauty queen. She may use her HR title to write us up for bragging on her, but it’s true!

She is also a talented word smith and is passionate about sports, especially college basketball. Mom cheers on her favorite teams almost as loud as she cheers on Wilkerson Moravian Bakery.

You may just find her in one of our holiday shops if you are shopping local. She is full of wonderful stories and inspirational quotes, so be sure to say hello if you see her!

Favorite product: Moravian Lemon Cookies. Refreshing anytime of the year!

Noah Mikhail Wilkerson


WMB CrusaderNoah Mikhail Wilkerson


Noah is like a brother to us. He is the son of our aunt and godmother, Jami Ross (who was our dad’s sister and the one who introduced our parents to each other). Noah’s mom would be so proud of him today. We all strive to honor her in everything that we do.

Noah has his mom’s hilarious sense of humor and admirable work ethic. He recently graduated and is working hard in residential real estate in our hometown of Winston-Salem.

Noah was there when we were first building our now baking facility. He is our biggest cheerleader and our 911 phone call when we need a helping hand.

Noah can often be found at the golf course or at the lake house our grandfather built. For generations, Wilkersons have spent weekends skiing, barefooting, fishing, boating and creating treasured home videos at High Rock Lake.

Favorite product: Moravian Orange Brandy Cookies!

Baby Wilkerson
Baby Wilkerson dress
Baby 2
“5th Generation”

“Roby”, “Whit” & “Cooper”

We’re All Family

We are grateful for each member of our team!