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A TASTE OFMoravian Tradition

Sugar cake and extraordinarily thin cookies hand-baked from the heart for five generations.
Making us the oldest name in Moravian baking.


Featured in Forbes "U.S. Destination-Focused Food Baskets"Holiday Favorites Gift Pack

The original flavors of Christmas are back!

Share the taste of Moravian tradition with friends and family today.
Anywhere in the USA.


Now AvailableHoliday Cookies Gift Pack

SIX Legendary Wilkerson flavors!

Share the taste of Moravian tradition with friends and family today.
Anywhere in the USA.

Now AvailableStocking Stuffer Gift Pack

Four Wilkerson flavors. Just the right size.

Share the taste of Moravian tradition with friends and family today.
Anywhere in the USA.

$14.00 (14oz)

Rich with brown sugar, pure butter, cinnamon and local honey and pure. The sweetest memories are made with this delicious tradition.

Holiday Gift Packs

Available Now!

As featured in Forbes "U.S. Destination-Focused Food Baskets",
our Holiday Favorites Gift Pack includes two Sugar Cakes, One jar of Moravian Sugar Cookies and
one jar of Moravian Spice Cookies.
Click below to also view our Holiday Cookies Gift Pack.


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the Wilkerson way

Taste Tells the Truth

Oldest Name in Moravian Baking
Nearly a century ago, our great-grandfather stopped at nothing to bring his passion for baking to the heart of Winston-Salem. Generations later, we are still baking in the unwavering pursuit of perfection. And when you taste our cookies and sugar cake, we think you’ll agree - taste tells the truth.

the wilkerson way

"I can state with absolute certainty that every day we will use all of our ability and continuous effort to make products that we would proudly serve to our most honored guests."

customer reviews

We love hearing your thoughts!

@Vanessa Gossett

I was soo excited when I heard the Wilkersons were opening a new shop! I just couldn’t wait to get my sugar cake!!

I was just soo thrilled when I saw that it was the sugar cake I remembered as a kid and when I tasted it!! Oh my all my childhood memories came flooding back!! You will always have my business!!

Thank you for getting back into the baking business!! Your grandfather is smiling down on you all!!

Thank you and Good Luck!


You have touched my heart!

@Lois and Judson Davis

We’re delighted to have the Wilkerson family back in the baking business. The “Christmas Cakes“ (Moravian Spice Cookies) are exactly how I remember them from childhood. During the Christmas season from thanksgiving on I would easily eat a pound of them for my after school snack.

The sugarcake is scrumptious- well worth the wait!


The cookies have such a delicate flavor, and the sugar cake melts in my mouth. <3


I am so glad you are opening as your products are amazing. It is so good to have your products available.


Everything is delicious and everyone is so friendly!


Thank you for bringing the real taste of Christmas back to Winston Salem. Great Products!

@Renee Patterson

To toot my own horn, I was the first customer they had on Robinhood and have reaped the rewards since. The sugarcake is what I remember from my childhood, it's perfect. The "Christmas cookies", as I will forever call them, have real ginger pieces in them and the sugar cookies are the best, bar none. I wish you well on your new location which I think is going to be great & convenient for so many.


Merry Christmas- Thank you for keeping the tradition alive! 


So good! It’s like being a kid again!

@The Neil Family

Sugar Cakes are a family favorite! Excited for them and the cookies! Much love!


What does Wilkerson Moravian Bakery mean to me? It means bringing a part of Winston-Salem history back for future generations to love and enjoy! My husband's Grandmother knew your Grandfather, and we would always visit the bakery faithfully. To be able to enjoy the sugar cake and cookies again floods me with so many memories.


So proud of you all and grateful to have the tastes of my childhood once again. So exciting to share your story with friends and family <3 <3 <3


So excited to try these treats from a wonderful family! 


God bless you and your cookies. Wonderful gift from God!


Here’s wishing you all the luck in the world! You can do it! Winston Salem, and the world, needs “Wilkerson Moravian Bake Shop”!


Love you all- Best customer service!


Thanks for making our holidays!


Treasures are found at the Wilkerson Moravian Bake Shop in Winston-Salem.  Who knew that there were so many delicious flavors of Moravian cookies or that they could possibly be so thin?

That authentic thinness seems to make them more flavorful as the cookie pops in your mouth when you bite. And so many flavors - spice, sugar, lemon, orange brandy, spiced butter rum, sugar ginger.  We tried them all and found each one to be a special treat.  

@Susan Hardwicke

On my last visit to Winston Salem, I was so excited to learn the real Moravian Sugar Cake was alive and well- thrilled-! I’m 3rd generation who has loved these wonderful made with love products- I have missed y’all- my grand parents, aunts and uncles have passed- so you are a cherished memory of Stratford Road - and my childhood- esp Easter !!! Thank you 🙏 

The taste of Christmas
all year long

Aromatic Journeys

The remarkable origins of our carefully selected ingredients are baked into every bite.