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Holiday Cookies Gift Pack
Holiday Cookies Gift Pack
Holiday Cookies Gift Pack
Holiday Cookies Gift Pack

The ultimate cookie gift is now available! 

SIX legendary Wilkerson Moravian Cookie flavors combined into one unforgettably delicious Holiday Cookies Gift Pack.

So now, you can share the authentic taste of a Moravian holiday season with friends and family. In just a few clicks. And the range of flavors in this special pack - sweet, spicy and sugary - will compliment any mood.

Includes the below signature Wilkerson cookies:
(Click each product for descriptions, nutrition facts and ingredients.) 

1 box of Spice Cookies

1 box of Sugar Cookies

1 box of Lemon Cookies

1 box of Butter Rum Cookies

1 box of Sugared Ginger Cookies

1 box of Orange Brandy Cookies 

Exquisite in taste and rich in North Carolina history, every flavor tells a story and every bite takes you on an adventure. It's the taste of the holidays from your childhood. And the flavor of magical memories yet to come.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


Nutrition facts

our baking process

The aroma of our sugar cake and cookies keep the stories and the precious memories of our ancestors alive. We pride ourselves on scouring near and far, locally and across the world, for the best ingredients with careful attention to detail, from freshly grinding our own spices and cracking every egg by hand to sourcing the highest quality Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, using real potatoes in our Moravian Sugar Cake, and more.

  • We fresh grind whole spices for our unforgettable “famous” taste.
  • Using the traditional Moravian methods, we rest the dough overnight for richer flavor.
  • We knead the cookie dough before rolling for perfect texture.
  • Dough rolled to paper-thinness
  • Cookies are cut from the thin dough and placed on traditional cookie sheets.
  • We bake our Moravian cookies by hand in small batches.
  • Our Moravian cookies are hand-packed in clear cellophane bags or beautiful containers.

taste tells the truth